Paleo Girls and Guys

Hey, Jay here,

By this time we understood the concept of being a Paleo Girl or Guy but we didn’t know exactly how to apply it to our lifestyle.  I mean it’s not like we didn’t try.  We threw out all the garbage in the house.  When we ate out we tried our best to stay away from the bad stuff.  But in the end it wasn’t going to be a sustainable endeavor unless we were able to still enjoy food on a regular basis.

Thank god we found a book that simplified a Paleo menu enough for regular people (Click here to check out this awesome book). This small detail aside, the health benefits were amazing!  We started feeling better, our memory got better and our overall health was completely transformed.  Not to mention we started losing a significant amount of weight!  I’m wasn’t a big guy by any means but I lost 30 lbs of pure fat without doing one sit-up or setting foot in a gym.  My Paleo Girl wife is still shedding unwanted weight along with her entire family to this day.

Paleo Recipe Book

If it weren’t for Paleo and this Cookbook my family would not be what it is today and I can’t thank them enough.

Jay Cordova

What is a Paleo Girl?

Hi All,

Before my Wife (Paleo Girl) and I knew anything about Paleo we tried EVERYTHING to stay fit without excessive exercise (our excuse was “not enough time”).  What ate skimpy little meals and counted calories but nothing seemed to have a positive impact.  Our general health was less than stellar and more often than not we GAINED weight.  If you feel anything like we did then you are probably a little p*ssed.  Luckily, we found this book and it walked us through the entire process front to back.

Of course we found bits of information on the internet here and there but we needed HELP.  We needed to get fit and healthy fast without spending hours a day at the gym.  The book gave us the Paleo diet plan that put us both on track for good food and a healthy lifestyle.  It taught us how to eat meats, veggies, and fruits without sacrificing taste and restaurant independence.

Paleo Diet Needed

Hi Everyone,

If you are looking for information and recommendations on Paleo (short for Paleolithic) lifestyle or diet you’ve come to the right place, welcome to Paleo Girl.

I wrote this site in dedication to my wife who has been a champion of Paleo and seen many benefits thanks to a big book of help.  Click here to see her Paleo Recipe book.  Now we have the best Paleo Diet Menu on the block.